Understanding Your Job Search
The Key To Obtaining The Best Positions

What You Can Expect To Learn And Understand
The role of your resume when referrals are exhausted
Why and how to write, and present every section of your resume
The challenge recruiters have in contacting you
Your contact information is being sold. How to cut out the middleman
Your access to recruiters and hiring managers is restricted. How to cut out the middleman
How to help the people who are looking for you, find you
How to use keywords effectively
Understand the places in your resume where keywords must appear
How to remove bottlenecks in your job search
How to use keywords to make yourself visible to the people who really appreciate your skills
What do the positions you are most likely to get look like
How to be selected by ATS systems for the right positions and make sure you are not rejected
How to prevent delays in your applications
How to pass the skills qualification processes
How to make it easy for a reader to qualify you
How to present information to help a recruiter understand which positions are ideal for you
How to present your leadership and people skills

How to win against candidates who have stronger skills than you
How to present the level of your experience
How to make sure your resume gets through to hiring managers
How to decide what content should, and should not, be on your resume
How to present your full value (if you don't, no-one may ever know)
How to prioritize and present your most valuable personal and professional assets
How to avoid mistakes which cause rejection at interviews.
How to prepare for an interview
How to present your value in an interview
How to develop interesting conversations in an interview
How to show your interest in a position to an interviewer
Understanding your role as a a new hire in a company
Eliminate common interview mistakes by understanding your role and goals
How your preparation will generate confidence in an interview
Confidence comes through knowing what to do
How to increase the quality of the positions you are selected for
How to increase the volume and quality of positions you are selected for
How to put recruiters to work for you
Understand how your presentation can obtain a higher salary without directly asking

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