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Marketing your FULL VALUE - Your most significant resume upgrade and job search strategy change. $199.00 CAD + HST

Your Most Significant Resume Upgrade
And Job Search Strategy Change

This course has been developed to maximize your chances of obtaining a position which relates to your skills. Whether you are referred to a position, or located through recruiters or job postings, presenting yourself at your best is vital.

(1) Rank in the Top 1% Among your Peers
There are ways to allow your resume to rank in the top 1% among the people you are competing with: i.e. the people who have similar skills as you. This is an achievable goal with the right knowledge. It is all about the presentation of your FULL VALUE in a form which is easily identifiable by ATS systems and human readers.

(2) Access the Hidden Job Market
A large percentage of jobs are not advertised and it is also likely most companies don't even know you exist.

Companies like to interview and hire authentic candidates who bring with them the right mix of technical, industry, and people skills. Candidates present their VALUE clearly and concisely rise to the top of the selection process as long as they are not hidden from the people looking for them.

This course shows you how to identify your FULL VALUE, how to present this information on paper and in person, and how to get your resume in the hands of the people who appreciate you.

I look forward to seeing YOU identify your VALUE, and feel the confidence produced in your job search. I also look forward to seeing you move on to your most important life goals, with this foundation to help you.

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